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I had a client in Texas who had purchased your software. He developed cancer and died in May, 2004. He had fully completed the Living Family Journal on his computer which enabled his wife to hand a print out to me of all of the assets he owned as well as the liabilities.

When I was going through it with his wife, I asked her if she had filed the life insurance claims on the policies he had in effect at his death. She stated that she had filed on the one policy that she knew of, and that it was a burial policy for $10,000. The print out reflected two additional policies that she was not aware had been purchased. We filed the claims on those policies.

If he had not completed the Living Family Journal, it would have taken us a significant amount of time and energies to recreate the information that was provided with the touch of a button. Thank you for your product and your efforts.

Charles W. Darter Jr. CPA


The Living Family Journal CD's that I gave as Christmas gifts have been extremely well received! Everyone I have talked to has bragged about how easy they are to use and how helpful they will be to their families. 

My younger brother was the first to comment about its effectiveness. He said he had been looking for something like the Living Family Journal for a long time and was happy I had found this program and shared it with his family.

John Eder

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